Culver Academies

The goal of my personal website is to have a space to save the projects I have worked on, companies I have worked for, startups I have launched, and organizations I have been a part of so that I have an easy way of showcasing my personal work experience.  This post is about the experiences I had while attending a military boarding school for high school, Culver Academies.

I attended Culver Military Academy for high school.  I graduated in May of 2015 with the rank of Captain and as the Regimental Adjutant, the second highest ranked cadet in the school serving as the Chief of Staff for the Corps of Cadets.

In my time at Culver, I learned and developed leadership traits and discipline that serve me well today. Leadership positions I held while at Culver included:

  • Infantry Battalion Commander
  • Exhibition Drill Team Commander
  • Lieutenant, Infantry Honor Guard
  • Battalion Sergeant Major
  • Company C Operations Sergeant
  • Captain of the Fencing Team
  • Operations Manager of the Rubin Cafe
  • Color Guard Member
  • Honor Guard Member

I also received the McCloskey Sabre, which is awarded to the top cadet in the Infantry Battalion who demonstrates academic excellence, force of character, and leadership my Junior Year, and at graduation was the first cadet in eight years to be awarded the Culver Achievement Medal, which is the highest award for leadership and influence on the school that can be awarded.

Despite all the achievements I had while in high school, I had many failures.  I was not selected to lead the school as the Regimental Commander because I dropped several classes academically due to the inability to manage my time between my company and every school organization I was involved with.  I was efficient, yet had few friends my first two years because of how competitive I was, a trait which became a flaw in excess.  I lacked humility, and had to learn the hard way how to treat others with respect.  While I developed and fixed these issues at Culver, there are many things I wish I could go back and change but can’t.

Despite this acknowledgment, I still thrived at Culver and loved my time there.  I think of it fondly and do my best to go back and visit at least once a year, and am thankful to a school that held me accountable for all my flaws at a young age.

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